ICNF 2023 - 6th International Conference on Natural Fibers

Nicola M. Pugno

Nicola M. Pugno

Nanomechanics of Natural, Bioinspired, and Bionic Fibers and Related Composites  


Laboratory for Bioinspired, Bionic, Nano, Meta Materials & Mechanics, University of Trento, Italy.
School of Engineering and Materials Science, Queen Mary University of London, UK.



Nicola Maria Pugno is a mechanical engineer, and physicist, with PhDs in fracture mechanics and biology. He is a professor of solid and structural mechanics at the University of Trento and of materials science at the Queen Mary University of London.
He has been selected as a member of several committees such as the technical and scientific committee of the Italian Space Agency and as a plenary speaker at several international conferences such as the previous International Conference of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (2020+1). He is an editorial board member of several international journals and has been appointed as the first field chief editor of Frontiers in Materials.
In 2017, he received the A. A. Griffith Medal and Prize and, in 2022, the Humboldt Prize.


In this talk, I will review the research activity of our group in the field of nanomechanics of natural (eg spider silk), bioinspired (eg nanotube based), and bionic (eg spider silk reinforced with nanotubes directly spun by spiders) fibers and related composites.







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