ICNF 2023 - 6th International Conference on Natural Fibers

Fabrizio Sarasini

Fabrizio Sarasini

 Strategies To Tailor The Interface In Natural Fibre Composites 


Department of Chemical Engineering Materials Environment – Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy



Fabrizio Sarasini received the Laurea degree (cum laude) and the PhD degree in Materials Engineering from the Sapienza University of Rome in 2002 and 2007, respectively. Since June 2019 he is an Associate Professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering Materials Environment of Sapienza University of Rome. His research interests include the use of plant fibres in biopolymers (biodegradable or from renewable resources) for designing biocomposites with reduced environmental impact, the combination of natural fibres (mineral and vegetal) in hybrid composites for designing sustainable composites for semi-structural applications, the design of fibre/matrix interfacial adhesion, the valorization of agro-industrial wastes as fillers in thermoplastic matrices (micro- and nanoscale) and the low and high-velocity impact response of composite materials for structural applications. He has more than 150 international peer-reviewed journal papers (h-index = 40; Citations = over 5400 – Source: Scopus database), 12 invited book chapters and serves as a frequent reviewer and referee in his field.


Over the past decades, the widespread use of glass fibres within polymeric matrix composite materials has significantly increased, leading to a strong interest in greater eco-sustainability due to the limited possibilities of disposal of these materials at the end of their life. For this reason, the production of bio-composite materials, using sustainable matrices or natural reinforcing fibres, has recently been a cornerstone of many research fields. Fibres sourced from vegetal and mineral resources feature a poor interfacial adhesion with many polymer matrices, a drawback that still hinders a much wider diffusion in many industrial fields. The aim of this presentation is to share some recent surface modification strategies developed in our group to tailor the interfacial adhesion in natural fibre composites, including plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition and the development of hierarchical fibres, in which nanoscale carbon or ZnO nanostructure reinforcements are utilized alongside traditional microscale reinforcing fibres. In particular, these strategies will be presented for the surface modification of flax and basalt fibres.







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