ICNF 2023 - 6th International Conference on Natural Fibers

Natural Fibrenamics Award 2023

The development of value-added, functional, cost-effective, and innovative products is one of the key strategies to increase the competitiveness of industrial sectors dealing with natural fibers. Looking at this important goal, and after the success of the last five editions of the Natural Fibrenamics Award, this event is again included in the ICNF2023 program, to award the best innovative products in the field of natural fibers. The innovative product applications will be displayed during the conference in a special showroom prepared for this purpose and evaluated by a selected jury, in terms of innovation, design, and functionality. The contest intends to be a showcase of the latest innovations in the field of natural fibers, both for the scientific and industrial communities.

No registration fees, regarding participation in Natural Fibrenamics Award 2023, are required for applicants, however, conference registration is mandatory.

The Application Form and Conditions of Entry can be found below.

The deadline for the submission is 15th May 2023.


Winners of the last editions:


Winner of the Natural Fibrenamics Award 2021


Author: Mohammadabadi Mostafa

Project: Wood-Based Prepreg

Winner of the Natural Fibrenamics Award 2019


Author: Fernando Merino - ERT Group

Project: NFPP for Smart Composites

Winner of the Natural Fibrenamics Award 2017


Author: Lasa

Project: Smart Bed

Winner of the Natural Fibrenamics Award 2015


Author: Ahmed El-Sabbagh

Project: Development of novel flame retardant natural fibers reinforced plastic composites by extrusion


Winner of the Natural Fibrenamics Award 2013


Author: Marko Likon

Project: Use of poplar seed fibers as advanced materials for production of super sorbents and insulation materials



Best Poster Award

The Best Poster Award will be included in this edition, in recognition of the most outstanding posters of the conference. A Poster Award Committee will review all of the posters during the poster sessions. Selections are based on three criteria: Originality of the Research, Clarity of the presentation, and Quality of the results presented.

All presented posters are eligible for nomination for this award.







Abstract submission

31st January 2023

17th February 2023

Communication of acceptance

17th February 2023

Early Bird registration

28th February 2023

17th March 2023

Award Application

15th May 2023